Bandwagons roll


Alys’ Backgarden Supermarket (stop sniggering at the back) from BBC Birmingham.

I’ve nothing against Alys Fowler, Lord knows she’s more engaging than Carol ‘monotone’ Klein, but “Punk Rock” she ain’t.
This genre has been done before and it’s been done very very well. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Jamie Oliver and more recently the brilliant Valentine Warner have all been seen ducking in and out of hedgerows like gastronomic Wombles and they’ve made good TV. I don’t think we really need another one, no matter how much backlit-late-summer-sun slow pans through the flowers and vegetables, pink wellys with flower prints on them, and orange chrysanthemums growing in galvanised watering cans they put in. (If we see all three of these in the first episode I claim some kind of prize).

The stylised gardening-cum-cookery show is perfectly well presented. What isn’t, and what should be, is a TV series of “Joe’s Allotment”. A proper vegetable programme with some human aspects to keep the commissioners happy. I’m sure there is room in the schedules for something like this, call it Alys’ Naughty Allotment if you think that’ll help.

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