Custom Paint Job

Here’s the result of my custom paint job on my Acer Aspire One.  Thanks to Tommy @ for the stencil.


I took the whole laptop to pieces and removed the lid from the screen so I was just left with the plastic.  Then I sanded it back to bare plastic with wet&dry then smoothed it off with finer grades of wet&dry.  Then when it was smooth I washed off all the plastic dust and let it dry before applying 3 coats of primer and about 4 coats of white paint, then one coat of black and about 4 coats of lacquer on top.  It took an entire weekend.  I also painted the bezel around the screen inside white.



    It looks great!!! Good Job!


    ooh that’s niiiice – looking forward to seeing it in the flesh

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    Thats freakin sweet


    That is truly amazing! Gorgeous work.


    Sadly that isnt the droid I’m looking for


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